2017: The year of change

2017: The year of change

IT’S been a big year of innovation and change, with an increasing proliferation of new technologies impacting travel agencies, airlines, cruise operators, wholesalers and suppliers.

In the latest edition of travelBulletin, we look at the year that was and the heightened pace of reinvention that it brought – from the rise of digital personalisation through to the intriguing new partnerships between traditional travel suppliers and online disruptors.

The Dec-Jan issue of travelBulletin is being distributed now and is also available for download or online viewing via its website.

The new edition includes all the latest industry news and analysis including detailed coverage from some of the industry’s major annual conferences.

It also offers comprehensive features on food and wine, the USA, hotels and apartments, the Philippines and luxury travel.

To view the new travelBulletin or arrange a subscription, visit www.travelbulletin.com.au.

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