5 lasting benefits of a company offsite

5 lasting benefits of a company offsite

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Employees working for companies whose teams remain remote, miss socializing with their colleagues in person. From having a chat on your coffee break, to training days and team building events, 73% of those working from home feel the loss of not seeing their teammates on a more regular basis. Plus, according to a Gallup poll, disengaged workers cost the US economy $450–500 billion annually.

There are numerous reasons why team offsites help resolve this issue. Not only do they provide companies with valuable time for collaboration and connection, it’s also a great time for everyone to welcome new employees whilst also celebrating long-standing members. But, instead of bombarding you with an endless list of all the positive impacts of an offsite, we’ve summarised the five key advantages for you below.

  1. Increases employee engagement

By connecting through adventure and creating lasting memories together, teams build strong relationships through shared experiences. When employees are more engaged with each other, and their work, they nearly double the chance of the companies success.

  1. Boosts mental health

With the rise in remote working, offsites are the perfect opportunity to bring employees together, helping combat any feelings of isolation and providing them with a social and supportive network. Plus, being in (or near) water has been proven to positively impact your mental health #bluehealth.

  1. Retains talent

It’s a great time to celebrate company achievements and personal accomplishments. Employees feel recognised and valued, helping to reinforce a positive company culture. By retaining talent, you are also saving on the significant costs of recruiting.

  1. Improves communication

Fun and adventurous moments spent together breaks the ice. By pushing boundaries and bonding through team work, relationships are formed between colleagues, making it easier to approach team mates post-offsite and beyond. In-person communication is ‘34 x more effective‘ than virtual meetings, so make the most of those moments!

  1. Helps productivity

Taking a company away from the daily grind of everyday work life will re-energise and re-vitalise the team so they’re pumped and excited for a new week, working for a company who invests in their wellbeing and company culture. In a major long term study, the average increase in revenue in companies with performance-enhancing cultures was 682%.



The post 5 lasting benefits of a company offsite appeared first on Brand TD.

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