AIME 2024: Biggest ever taking the industry by storm!

AIME 2024: Biggest ever taking the industry by storm!

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L-R Matt Pearce, Julia Swanson and Steve Dimoupoulos


AIME 2024’s 31st edition started bigger than ever. Talk 2 Media CEO Matt Pearce, the organiser of the Asia-Pacific Incentives and Meetings Event (AIME), announced that the 2024 edition would be the largest in the last decade, with over 16,000 attendees expected. The highly anticipated inaugural event on Monday night will bring together 2,000 hosted buyers, exhibitors, media, and officials to kick off the event.

This year, AIME will launch new initiatives such as the Event Area DMC Zone, which highlights the distinctive features of various destinations, as well as the implementation of a new AI system targeted at recruiting new buyers. Notably, 57% of buyers are attending AIME for the first time, demonstrating the event’s growing popularity among a wider audience.

Sustainability takes the stage at this year’s AIME, with a pledge to produce and distribute event materials via an innovative app. Even the lanyards are made of sustainable materials. Indigenous artwork will also be featured, bringing a layer of cultural richness to the event.

Victoria’s Minister of Tourism, Major Events, Environment, and Sport, Steve Dimoupoulos, commended the economic impact of Melbourne events, citing the Australian Open’s considerable contribution of $3 billion to the local economy. Dimoupoulos emphasised Melbourne’s distinctive facilities and infrastructure, which play an important role in the city’s success in hosting world-class events, distinguishing it from other global locations.

Julia Swanson, CEO of the Melbourne Conventions Bureau, said 2023 will be an important year for events in Melbourne, citing the airport’s achievement of attaining 100% capacity, highlighting the city’s increasing attraction for international flights and new airline ventures.  China has emerged as a major source of events, accounting for more than 28% of the total. Swanson also emphasised the success of the World Rotary event, which attracted 15,000 guests to Melbourne.”

In an encouraging move, the Victoria state government has committed to significant investments in event facilities, bolstering Melbourne’s status as a top event destination. The Melbourne Convention Bureau (MCB) has released a comprehensive “events guide” that includes thorough information about the city’s offers.

The BBC Earth Show, which was held solely in Melbourne and London, demonstrated the importance of AIME as a venue for commercial discussions. Notably, the AIME floor facilitated 200 million dollars in deals last year, demonstrating the event’s critical significance in generating new opportunities.



The post AIME 2024: Biggest ever taking the industry by storm! appeared first on Brand TD.

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