Atout gets Sydney Crazy!

Atout gets Sydney Crazy!

RENOWNED French cabaret production Crazy Horse Paris strode its way into Sydney for the premiere opening at the State Theatre overnight.

Located in Paris on the famous Avenue George V, Crazy Horse Paris has been synonymous with the City of Light’s glamorous night life since 1951.

Last night, travel industry guests were hosted by Atout France director Patrick Benhamou as performers including Diva Novita, Hippy Bang-Bang, Lolita Kiss-Curl and Bambi Splish-Splash enthralled the audience with 90mins of creative & risqu dance acts set to musical scores and light displays.

Speaking with Travel Daily at the show, Benhamou said the Australian tour was 15 years in the planning and had been an outstanding success, with plans in place to bring another world famous Parisian cabaret here within two years.

The Crazy Horse Paris production, now in its 65th year, heads to Canberra next before moving on for an Asian tour.

Agents can book the show in Paris through the French Travel Connection.

Benhamou, who was co-hosting the show, is pictured enjoying a glass of Mumm after the performance with the girls.

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