AW sales mission in Oman

AW sales mission in Oman

THE sales team at Adventure World has recently returned from exploring all of the charm and beauty that Oman has to offer thanks to a partnership with the Sultanate of Oman Tourism.

Travelling over for their annual sales conference, it was not all business for the Adventure World reps who were taken to see one of the most spectacular free-flowing mountain oases in the region in Wadi Abreeyan, as well as visiting the newly opened Oman National Museum full of cultural and ancient history throughout the centuries.

“It’s so easy to fall in love with Oman and we are so proud to support this magnificent country with our recent sales conference,” said Neil Rodgers, managing director for Adventure World.

Pictured Mona Tannous, Oman Tourism (centre) with Adventure staff Elliot Miller, Andrea Morgan, Jeremy Pilgrim, Andy Kirkman, Travis Graham & Tom Wardell.

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