Bedsonline celebrates 20 years empowering travel advisors

Bedsonline celebrates 20 years empowering travel advisors

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From heavy catalogues and fax machine confirmations to real-time online reservations, booking trips via travel agents has changed a lot over the past two decades and Bedsonline has been there to support them every step of the way.

As it marks its 20th anniversary of dedicated service to travel advisors, Specialising exclusively in catering to the needs of advisors worldwide, Bedsonline has evolved into a comprehensive B2B travel marketplace.

In an era where technology is integral, Bedsonline’s platform has been a catalyst in the transformation of travel consultants, providing them with tools to seamlessly find, create and manage bookings. As an example, its award-winning tool Insights, which guides travel agencies to offer a tailor-made experience based on specific data collected through real-time interactions with customers.

“As we celebrate Bedsonline’s 20th anniversary, we reflect not only on our history, but on the incredible evolution of travel advisors. We have witnessed remarkable changes in the industry over the past two decades, and our customers have been at the forefront of this transformation,” said Bertrand Sava, Managing Director of Bedsonline. “We remain committed to being the unwavering technology partner for travel consultants, enabling them to not only book accommodation, but also create extraordinary curated experiences for the end traveller. This milestone is not only a celebration of our history, but a testament to the enduring partnership between Bedsonline and travel advisors around the world.”

By equipping travel advisors with not only the latest tools, but also with the support of more than 1,500 specialists, including technology developers, data analysts, finance experts and marketing experts, Bedsonline ensures that travel consultants have the resources they need in an ever-changing landscape.

As the retail ecosystem continues to evolve, Bedsonline vision is clear: to be the preferred technology partner that ensures the travel advisor remains relevant to the end customer. By facilitating seamless connections between suppliers and customers and creating a comprehensive 360° travel experience, Bedsonline is committed to continuing to be the preferred B2B travel marketplace for travel agents.





The post Bedsonline celebrates 20 years empowering travel advisors appeared first on Brand TD.

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