Brochures 04 Dec 17

Brochures 04 Dec 17

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Middle East and Africa 2018/19 – TopdeckFrom Moroccan adventures, biking through Israel or exploring the ancient religious architecture, Top Deck has many amazing offerings for travellers wanting to get the most out of the Africa and the Middle East in 2018. Tours include wandering the streets of Casablanca, observing the unique wildlife of South Africa and new stopover options in Abu Dhabi. The diverse range of attractions include mosques, giraffes and wineries to name only a few.

The Canada + Alaska 18-19 – Venture FarHiking, canoeing and camping in the Canadian Rockies are just some of the breathtaking adventures on offer in Venture Far’s latest brochure for the Canadian and Alaskan regions. Packages at the Clayoquot Wilderness Resort cater for travellers seeking a bit more luxury while star gazers can check off the Northern Lights at the stunning Southern Lakes Resort. Options are also on the table for those wanting to merge land and sea journeys with Celebrity Alaskan cruise and Rocky Mountaineer train trips.

Europe & Mediterranean 2018 – Eastern Euro ToursSome of Europe’s most popular destinations are on offer in the latest itinerary from Eastern Euro Tours along with a blend of the continent’s best kept secrets. More than 30 countries are covered off in the latest brochure with the theme of culture and food at the forefront. Popular dishes from every country are presented to incentivise travel, from the fluffy pancakes of the Netherlands, minced pork sausages from Croatia to potato and meat dumplings from Lithuania. The brochure features both land and cruise options.

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