Hoteliers and their guests’ Sleep Well with Dream Master

Hoteliers and their guests’ Sleep Well with Dream Master

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Looking for the ultimate sleep experience? Sleep Well Industries, the global leader in manufacturing pocket spring mattresses, has perfected solutions for your restful slumber for over 100 years! Dream Master remains their most popular label, helping each hotelier ensure ‘a good night’s rest’ for their guests!

From coconut coir to magnificent mattresses, read on to explore the secrets of ‘Soulfull Slumber’ with Sleep Well Industries’ rise to becoming a leading global hospitality supplier of world-class mattresses.

Home grown from Thailand to the world
Headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand, Sleep Well Industries was founded by Suppharaj Chokwonganun in 1998. In 2005, the Sleep Well team recognised the superior quality of pocket spring mattresses and became a leading company in Thailand to prioritise assembling and distributing the product locally. This strategic decision paved way in 2008 for Sleep Well group to acquire the Dream Master label; an established European pocket spring brand poised for growth. In 2015, Sleep Well Industries partnered with Standard Textiles to become their exclusive producer and distributor for Standard Textile’s core Centium technology in the APAC region.

Since acquiring Dream Master, Sleep Well has led the European luxury bedding brand to become an approved vendor and supplies to top chain hotels like Accor Group, Best Western, IHG Hotels, Marriott International, Radisson Hotel Group, and many more.

Suppharaj Chokwonganun, the visionary force behind Dream Master and Managing Director of Sleep Well, says: ‘Since taking over Dream Master, their focus to propel Dream Master Bedding to the forefront of hospitality bedding suppliers in South Asia has been unwavering.’

The ‘Home away from home’, hotel experience
Personalisation remains one of the key elements for hotels to stand apart, the ‘sleep experience’ can be taken to a different level with the perfect bed mattress for a good night’s sleep. Dream Master offers these very solutions with customisation for the perfect luxurious bed.

Bespoke orders
Dream Master’s manufacturing facility is experienced in catering to bespoke specifications and custom orders based on different customer requirements. Be it firmness, height, raw materials, layers or even appearance – they can tailor-make what your guests may desire.

Varied offerings at One- Stop-Shop
As a brand of Sleepwell Industries, Dream Master provides its hospitality customers with the advantage of having one vendor for all their bedding needs. From spring boxes, mattresses, to bedding accessories as well as bed and bath linen – they have an extensive array of offerings that fully meets the varied requirements of guests.

Dream Master also offers custom-made top of the line spring boxes, extra beds, legs/castors and headboards. Customers can choose bespoke raw materials, stitching designs, dimensions to customise their orders.

Why is Dream Master the best?

Dream Master’s innovative pocket spring technology
With eight models of soft, medium, and firm feels, plus toppers of varying depths, Dream Master’s spring systems range from the Bonnell Spring and the Offset Spring to the Pocket Spring series. The latter, Dream Luxury, is the brand’s best-selling product thanks to the Tri-zone Iso-coil pocket spring technology. Providing pressure relief and support where people need it the most, Dream Master provides unparalleled comfort.

The company uses up to 400 GSM knitted fabrics to produce heavenly soft, Dream Luxury mattresses that are luxurious to the touch. With seven unique mattresses that vary in raw materials, dimensions, and upholstery layers, the Dream Luxury series also includes products that are a bit firmer.

Over the past 15 years, the most innovative core component of sleeping units has been pocket spring technology, and this is where they specialise exclusively in. Unlike some competitors who offer various spring units, they have honed their expertise in perfecting the art of pocket spring mattresses.
While many hotel vendors provide mattresses with a 5-turn pocket spring, they stand out by focusing specifically on 6 turns and beyond. This nuanced approach enhances the overall support and comfort, contributing to a more restful sleep experience for guests.

At the forefront of Technology with Dream Innovation Lab
Dream Innovation Lab is an internal working group within Sleep Well Industries currently led by director Yash Chokwonganun and was set up in 2018 with a primary focus on: Product Development and Quality Control

Over the last decade the team has continuously upgraded the foams, latex, fabrics, and other raw materials used in products to maximize durability and quality. Utilizing unique materials like blue gelflex, airweave, diamond-infused latex, copper-infused latex and more, Dream Master has successfully produced an array of different products providing different feels for different types of sleepers in different price ranges.

No need to flip the dream…
In 2018, Dream Innovation Lab took into consideration customer feedback and introduced non-flip technology across all its flagship product lines. More recently Dream Innovation Lab has been heavily involved in designing products that incorporate zippers. Dream Innovation Lab also oversees quality control for every product that leaves Sleep Well’s manufacturing facility. Dream Innovation Labs routinely commission the world’s most reputable third-party testing and certification agencies (SGS, Element, Oeko Tex, etc) to obtain key qualifications.

Stay true to your sustainability affirmations with Sleep Well products!
Sustainability has always been an integral cultural priority in the DNA of Sleep Well Industries. Amongst the biggest priorities for the Dream Sustainable team has been reducing manufacturing waste. To do this, all bedding products are made to order. All raw materials are also curated and prepped to order to further reduce waste.

In 2018, the Dream Sustainable team initiated the purchase of an advanced automated gluing machine that have sensors to release the exact amount of glue needed. This has reduced glue wastage by 60%.

Where possible, materials are sourced locally with minimal use of packaging material and the team maintains a close relationship with suppliers whereby suggestions have been given to reduce carbon footprint. They are also actively investing in solar-powered plants and pursuing certifications such as ISO-14001 and EcoVadis to lead the industry in eco-friendly practices!

With sustainable mindfulness, guaranteed excellence, procurement managers need look no further! Let your hotel beds be the perfect dream catcher with the ‘Dream Master’s assured exceptional sleep experiences for guests!



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