italktravel, Lux Escapes

italktravel, Lux Escapes

ONLINE travel provider Luxury Escapes has entered into a retail travel agreement with italktravel and cruise, effective 01 Oct.

The deal will see Luxury Escapes distributed through the italktravel network and follows a deal with TravelManagers (TD 20 Aug).

Darran Keil, Luxury Escapes’ Head of Strategic Partnerships said “The opportunity to offer Luxury Escapes customers the choice to book through an experienced travel agent in a storefront environment is an added benefit to our growing travel community”.

The tie-up will see italktravel and cruise agents add flights, travel insurance and pre- and post-experiences for their clients.

“We see great growth opportunity in attracting new customers who prefer to purchase their travel face-to-face in a retail travel environment,” Keil said.

Source: traveldaily