jüSTa Hotels & Resorts to host the 6th edition of International Art Residency ‘Chitrashaala’

jüSTa Hotels & Resorts to host the 6th edition of International Art Residency ‘Chitrashaala’

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 Homegrown luxury hospitality brand jüSTa Hotels & Resorts has announced the 6th edition of its international art residency, Chitrashaala, which will be held in Dharamshala from 12th to 19th February. Chitrashaala 2024, to be hosted at the picturesque jüSTa Birding Resort & Spa in Dharamshala, is themed ‘Gallery of Art’ and it promises an immersive and enriching experience, bringing together a diverse cohort of artists.

Inaugurated in 2015, Chitrashaala is a collaborative initiative between jüSTa Hotels & Resorts and fashion designer Deepika Govind. Its primary objective is to foster a meaningful cultural exchange among artists from diverse socio-cultural backgrounds, facilitating the exchange of artistic ideas and creating a credible platform for dialogue. With participants hailing from different corners of the globe, Chitrashaala celebrates the harmonious fusion of cultural narratives and artistic expressions.

This year, the Art Residency will feature 47 artists from 11 countries, including both eminent and emerging talents, each bringing their unique perspective to the canvas. 20 artists from India and 27 international artists from countries such as Poland, Egypt, Morocco, Bangladesh, Turkey, Thailand, Jordan, Malaysia, Italy and Mauritius will participate in the event.

According to  Ashish Vohra, Founder & CEO of jüSTa Hotels & Resorts: “Chitrashaala emerged after my visit to Santiniketan a few years back, where I witnessed the remarkable talents of fine art students and emerging artists. Recognising their often-unappreciated potential, we decided to showcase their original artwork in our hotels, making art an integral part of jüSTa Hotels & Resorts. Today, we proudly feature almost 1000 original artworks by emerging artists in our hotels. In 2015, some artists approached us seeking a space for knowledge-sharing and enjoyment, leading to the inception of Chitrashaala. This platform unites artists from diverse backgrounds, countries and skill levels, offering them an opportunity to learn, share, and be inspired by our picturesque locations.”

Anirudh Chari, Curator of Chitrashaala, adds: “Chitrashaala 2024 promises to surpass all previous editions of this most incredible of art residencies. For the first time, we are in Dharamshala, a site of immense historical, cultural and spiritual significance and we are certain that the incredibly talented artists who make up this year’s cohort will draw great inspiration from all they see around themselves. We are privileged to have a diverse group of artists of great skill and ability from both India and overseas. This is certain to be a stimulating experience for one and all.”

This gathering of artists from different cultural backgrounds and artistic disciplines promises to make Chitrashaala 2024 a melting pot of creativity and innovation.

As per Avijit Mukherjee, the Coordinator of Chitrashaala: “Having been associated with Chitrashaala from the very beginning, I have seen it grow and evolve into an annual fixture which artists look forward to. This year we have an amazing and wide range of artists from India and several other countries, all of whom bring their own unique sensibilities and aesthetics. We are very grateful to jüSTa Hotels & Resorts for giving us this opportunity to produce art in beautiful settings all over the country. Most of all, it is a forum to be creatively free, exchange ideas with fellow artists and have incredible fun.”

Mariam Hagar, a participant from Egypt, expressed her excitement for the upcoming event. She said, “This is an amazing opportunity to learn about Indian culture, art and life. The idea of exchanging thoughts, ideas and art from different backgrounds and cultures is such an extraordinary experience. It is a great chance to make new friends and surround myself with people who have an unconditional love for art.”

One of the key highlights of Chitrashaala 2024 will be a collaborative mural project wherein all the participating artists will join forces to create a large-scale masterpiece, symbolising the unity of artistic voices and echoing Dharamshala’s cultural vibrancy. This project will allow visitors to engage directly with the art-making process and witness the evolution of a collective vision into a stunning piece of art.

The 2024 event marks a significant stride in exhibiting artistic excellence, further cementing jüSTa Hotels & Resorts’ commitment to seamlessly integrating luxury hospitality with vibrant cultural and artistic expressions.

Founded in 2005, jüSTa Hotels & Resorts operates 22 properties across 9 Indian states, blending international five-star luxury with the rich ‘Spirit of India.’ Renowned for integrating art into the hospitality experience, each jüSTa property is a curated gallery of original, theme-based Indian art, redefining traditional rituals into an exquisite ‘Art of hospitality.’ This fusion of culture and luxury makes jüSTa not just a stay but an immersive journey into India’s artistic heritage.




The post jüSTa Hotels & Resorts to host the 6th edition of International Art Residency ‘Chitrashaala’ appeared first on Brand TD.

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