Love at first Bike: 5 most romantic cycling cities 

Love at first Bike: 5 most romantic cycling cities 

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Some of the most romantic Valentine’s gifts simply don’t require any packaging at all, in fact research from Barclays has shown that 15% of Brits have made a no present pact with their partner, avoiding gifts and shifting focus instead to experiences.  In light of this, and for all the couples looking to celebrate Valentine’s Day but wanting to branch out from the standardised formula of a candle lit dinner, CEO and cofounder of Swytch – leading e-bike conversion kit company – has outlined the topmost romantic cycling cities.

Paris, France
Renowned not just as the City of Love, Paris has also secured a spot among the top 10 bike-friendly cities, as per the Copenhagenize index. With over 1000 km of bike routes, Paris stands out as an undeniable contender. A hop away across the pond, it’s clear why Paris earns its place on this list. The city unfolds an ever-growing selection of scenic cycling paths, inviting couples to uncover enchanting hidden streets near the Eiffel Tower and embrace the unmistakable charm of the French Renaissance. And what could be more romantic than a leisurely ride along the banks of the Seine River?

London, England
You might be surprised to discover that London is emerging as one of Europe’s top cities for romantic escapes, thanks to its abundance of couple-oriented activities. Meanwhile, London is experiencing a cycling revolution, with an impressive 900 kilometers of bike lanes already mapped across the city, and this number is steadily increasing. As a leading destination for cycling enthusiasts, London invites couples to enjoy leisurely rides through Hyde Park or cultural explorations passing by Buckingham Palace. With its captivating scenery, London provides the perfect backdrop for an entirely romantic experience every time you hop on your bicycles.

Seville, Spain 

In contrast to numerous other cities in Spain, Seville stands out as exceptionally bike-friendly. Boasting a network of over 190 km of cycle paths and a comprehensive citywide bike rental scheme, it caters well to cyclists. Moreover, Seville’s delightful climate, stunning parks, and breathtaking vistas contribute to its reputation as one of the most romantic destinations in the Andalusian region.

Copenhagen, Denmark
While it’s widely recognised that Copenhagen holds the title of the world’s premier capital city for cycling, boasting 546 km of bicycle paths, bike bridges, cycle superhighways, and numerous innovative solutions, it also represents the epitome of an idyllic romantic retreat. This enchanting city is characterised by charming cobblestone streets adorned with picturesque painted houses, tranquil lakes, and captivating canals.

Sicily, Italy
Sicily is renowned for its abundance of myths, legends, and romantic tales, offering couples an ideal blend of natural splendor, cultural depth, culinary delights, and passionate atmosphere, making it a perfect destination for a romantic getaway.

Furthermore, Sicily holds an iconic status in the world of professional bike racing. Which means visitors will find plenty of cyclist-friendly accommodations and dedicated cycling tours catering to all skill levels.

Whilst having different levels of fitness could be a barrier for some groups when it comes to taking active holidays, Swytch have devised a solution that allows you to keep up with your friends or family, even if they are fitter than you. E-bikes are as much fun as any conventional bike, allowing you to keep up with even the fittest cyclists. Whilst it is less strenuous on the body, e-biking helps you burn 70% of the calories that you would from traditional cycling, according to an AMCA study. The Swytch kit dramatically reduces the price of quality e-bikes, with prices under £600, enabling anyone to travel electric for as little as 0.4 pence per mile by up-cycling their existing bike.





The post Love at first Bike: 5 most romantic cycling cities  appeared first on Brand TD.

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