MarketHub Americas by HBX Group celebrates inaugural day: Gen Z impact, full recovery and top destinations in US and LATAM

MarketHub Americas by HBX Group celebrates inaugural day: Gen Z impact, full recovery and top destinations in US and LATAM

The post MarketHub Americas by HBX Group celebrates inaugural day: Gen Z impact, full recovery and top destinations in US and LATAM appeared first on TD (Travel Daily Media) Travel Daily Media.

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HBX Group shared key insights into current travel trends and market growth during its inaugural day of the MarketHub Americas by HBX Group, celebrated this week in Las Vegas with the title “New Frontiers”. Key highlights included insights from top HBX Group executives and industry experts, showcasing the evolving landscape of the travel industry, with a special focus on regional market dynamics.

Nicolas Huss

Nicolas Huss, CEO of HBX Group, kicked off the event discussing the growing influence of Generation Z on travel trends: “Gen Z travelers are reshaping the industry with their preference for last-minute bookings and package deals. However, their brand loyalty remains relatively low,” Huss noted. “Importantly, sustainability is a non-negotiable for them, influencing their travel choices significantly.”

Lauren Atlass, VP Commercial for North America, and Gisela Blok, VP Commercial for Latin America, reported a notable surge in travel interest, with HBX Group registering a 25% increase in searches, amounting to 5.6 billion searches per day. The top five fastest growing destinations for Latin American travelers include Hong Kong, Shanghai, Joao Pessoa, Curacao, and Salvador de Bahia. Meanwhile, North American travelers are most interested in Mazatlan, Zurich, Barbados, Sorrento, and Tokyo.

Increasing domestic travel and last-minute vacations in the Americas

MarketHub Americas stands out as one of the most important events of the year for HBX Group, highlighting the shifts and opportunities in the US and Latin-American travel market.

For instance, according to HBX Group data, Mexico emerges as the top destination and source market in LATAM. Brazil, showing the most significant growth in the region, follows as the second most popular destination, and the Dominican Republic as third.  Increasing domestic travel within Mexico and Brazil is also one of the highlights of the region. The average stay in LATAM is 3.3 nights, reflecting the region’s appeal for longer vacations.

In North America, New York continues to be the primary destination, drawing both domestic and international travelers. Las Vegas and Miami follow as top destinations. Domestic travel dominates the US market, showing a growing trend compared to the previous year. Travelers in this region show a preference for shorter trips, with the average stay being 2.4 nights. This average has recently decreased to 2.1 nights, driven by a rise in domestic travel where quick getaways and short vacations are more common.

Worth mentioning is the substantial increase in last-minute bookings in North America, especially in the last four weeks. This surge is primarily driven by the expanding domestic market, where travelers are increasingly making spontaneous travel decisions. The highest booking levels in North America are observed from August to September, indicating a peak travel period during late summer.






The post MarketHub Americas by HBX Group celebrates inaugural day: Gen Z impact, full recovery and top destinations in US and LATAM appeared first on Travel Daily Media.

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