New study names the best skiing destinations in Europe 

New study names the best skiing destinations in Europe 

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A new study has revealed the best ski resorts in Europe, naming Aleko in Vitosha, Bulgaria as being the ideal location for a trip during this winter period. 

The research, conducted by winter sports insurance company SportsCover Direct looked at eight different metrics from ski resort info including total price for a day ski pass, average star rating, number of ski lifts, highest elevation, slope lengths, median price of hotels and number of hotels within 10km to determine the best resorts.

The metrics were weighted differently, wherein the ratings given to star rating and the price of nearby hotels held the most value. The resorts were then given a rating out of 80, with the average rating found to be 52.9.

The Aleko resort in Vitosha, Bulgaria was named the best resort for a skiing adventure. The resort landed a score of 74.2 out of 80 due to ease of accessibility with 197 hotels nearby hotels, elevation difference of 740m and an average of €26 ($28.32) for an adult day lift pass.

Following them, the Straja resort in Hunedoara County, Romania received a score of 72 out of 80, pinching the second-best spot. Visitors also pay around €26 ($28.32) for an adult day lift pass and can expect an elevation difference of 738m, with 69% of holiday goers rating the slopes as ‘intermediate’ in difficulty.

Ravna Planina in Bosnia and Herzegovina took third best, with a score of 71.8 out of 80. The spot proves popular with people new to skiing, with an 86% rating of ‘easy’ for the slopes. Furthermore, the cheap adult daily lift pass of only €15 ($16.34) makes it an affordable destination.

In fourth place, Tornik – Zlatibor, located in Serbia, received a rating of 71.5 out of 80 thanks to its relatively cheap €952 ($1037.12) average price for a week’s stay in one of the 45 nearby hotels. The elevation difference is only 380m and 23% of users rate the slopes as ‘easy’, whilst 60% rate it ‘intermediate’.

Ranked fifth is Montenegro’s resort Kolašin 1450 and Kolašin 1600 adjoined to it. The destination gained a score of 70.1 out of 80 thanks to its seven ski lifts, cheap median price of hotels (€647, $704.85), and decently priced day pass of €25 ($27.24).

The sixth best skiing getaway location is in Bulgaria at the Bankso resort, which scored 69.8 out of 80 in the study. 59% of visitors scored the slopes as ‘easy’, making it an ideal choice for travelers new to skiing. Furthermore, the resort is one of the highest ranking, with an average star rating of 4.2 out of 5, proving to be popular with holidaymakers.

Claiming seventh most ideal spot is the resort Kopaonik in Serbia, gaining a score of 69.6 out of 80. The resort has a high rating of 4.2 out of 5 with visitors and has an elevation of 957m with its total ski slope lengths totaling 55km overall.

Another resort in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Malo Igman takes eighth spot with 68.9 out of 80. The resort has a cheap daily ski lift pass rate of €21 ($22.88) for adults and proves a viable choice for experienced skiers with an intermediate rating of 50% for its slopes.

The Dombay resort in North Caucasus wins ninth best destination with a score of 68.8 out of 80. The resort is ideal for beginners, with 70% of visitors rating it ‘easy’ and with day passes priced at €16 ($17.43).

With a score of 68.1, the Céüze 2000 resort in Gap, France rounds off the top ten skiing destinations. With the average price of one of its 86 nearby hotels being €655 ($713.56) alongside its cheap daily lift pass of €19 ($20.70), families wanting to jet off and experience the joys of skiing can find an ideal holiday here.

Commenting on why ski holidays prove popular and how to pick the right destination, Head of Marketing at SportsCover Direct, Sean Walsh, said “Ski holidays captivate enthusiasts with a blend of thrilling outdoor adventure, stunning snowy mountain landscapes, and vibrant apres-ski culture.

The appeal lies in the exhilarating adventure experience, and it is important that holidaymakers ensure they pick the correct resort before jetting off.

When considering locations, it is important to consider factors such as you and your family’s skill level, the resort’s terrain, elevation, available amenities, and accessibility to ensure you get the best experience. Tailoring your choice to your group’s needs and personal preferences ensure a memorable and enjoyable experience amidst the snowy peaks and endorphin-boosting slopes.”




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