Revealed: The UK’s best airports 

Revealed: The UK’s best airports 

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New research from PayingTooMuch has revealed the best UK airports for holidaymakers in 2023 based on four categories: lounges and relaxation, accessibility, shopping and leisure, and family-friendly travel.

Whether holiday-makers are seeking some sun or hitting the slopes, the UK’s airports see huge amounts of travellers passing through each year. In 2022 alone, an estimated 224 million passengers travelled to and from airports across the country. But which airports across the UK offer the best experience for travellers?

To find out, travel insurance experts at PayingTooMuch have analysed 30 of the UK’s busiest airports, ranking them based on 18 metrics across factors such as lounge experiences, accessibility, shopping and leisure facilities, and family-friendly amenities.

Manchester has been crowned the UK’s best airport, particularly when it comes to accessibility, with a score of 10 out of 10

The research reveals Manchester Airport is the best airport in the UK based on the four categories analysed. With the highest accessibility score in the country, the airport is one of only four airports in the UK to have RoomMate audio description available and it has the highest number of Changing Places toilets, with three located in the airport. Manchester also has one of the highest family-friendly scores of 6.4, and it’s deemed to be relatively relaxing too, with a lounge and relaxation score of 6.8.

With an overall score of 7.2, Gatwick follows closely behind in second place. The London airport has the second best accessibility score of 7.6, as well as a high score for shopping and leisure (7.6). Rounding off the UK’s top five best airports are Birmingham, Luton, and Edinburgh.

Revealed: The UK’s top 10 airports for holiday makers in 2023

Rank UK Airport Lounges & Relaxation Score Accessibility Score Shopping & Leisure Score Family-friendly travel score Airport Review Score (out of 10)
1 Manchester 6.8 10 5.8 6.4 7.26
2 Gatwick 6.4 7.6 7.6 7 7.15
3 Birmingham 7.3 6.9 8.6 5.6 7.07
4 Luton 5 7.4 8.2 6.9 6.86
5 Edinburgh 7.4 5.6 9.6 4 6.66
6 Stansted 4.7 6.5 9.4 4.8 6.35
7 Liverpool

(John Lennon)

5.9 6 5.9 6.6 6.11
8 Belfast International 5.7 5.5 6.3 6.1 5.88
Newcastle 6.5 7.3 5.3 4.4 5.88
9 East Midlands International 6.9 7.5 4.3 4.2 5.72
10 Leeds Bradford 4.6 7.5 4.9 5.1 5.52

Aberdeen is the most relaxing airport in the UK, with an average lounge customer satisfaction rating of 4.1 out of five

Scottish airports take the lead when it comes to lounge experiences. In first place is Aberdeen, with the airport’s lounges seeing high average customer ratings of 4.1 out of five. The airport has two lounges on offer, and relatively affordable lounge costs, with fees around £32 per adult.

Edinburgh follows in second for lounge and relaxation experiences, boasting the highest lounge to terminal ratio, with four in each concourse. The customer satisfaction scores of Edinburgh’s lounges are also relatively high, at 3.9 out of five.

Gatwick is the most family-friendly airport in the country, offering breastfeeding facilities and dedicated ‘kid zones’  

The study has revealed that Gatwick is the most family-friendly airport. With specific breastfeeding facilities and play areas available onsite, London’s second biggest airport is well-equipped for families with young children.

Cardiff is the least family-friendly airport, with no breastfeeding facilities or ‘kid zones.’ For families wanting to book into a lounge, it also sees the highest prices for kids, costing the same (£32.99) for both adults and children.

Travellers will find the best airport shopping facilities in Edinburgh, with 23 shops per terminal available 

With a ratio of 23 shops per terminal and the second highest number of food and drink facilities (11), Edinburgh is the best place to keep holiday-makers occupied and fed while they wait for their flight. Stansted follows closely behind, boasting the highest number of food and drink facilities (12) and the second highest number of shops per terminal (20).

Kirkwall and Newquay are the worst airports for shopping and leisure facilities, with both offering just one shop and one food and drink facility per terminal. However, this is perhaps not surprising given their size. In fact, Kirkwall sees the lowest number of passengers of any UK airport each month, at just 10,255.

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The post Revealed: The UK’s best airports  appeared first on Brand TD.

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