Riyadh Air elevates planning efficiency through strategic partnership with Sabre 

Riyadh Air elevates planning efficiency through strategic partnership with Sabre 

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Riyadh Air, the new national airline  of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that’s shaping the future of flying, announces a fundamental  collaboration with Sabre Corporation, a leading software and technology  provider powering the global travel industry. This strategic partnership underscores Riyadh Air’s  commitment to enhancing operational efficiency and driving incremental revenue gains through  Sabre’s end-to-end Network Planning and Optimization solutions. Sabre Network Planning and  Optimization solutions empower collaborative and intelligent decision-making, ensuring airlines  can optimally design their networks, accurately forecast demand, and profitably schedule and  allocate available capacity.

Under this groundbreaking deal, Riyadh Air has chosen Sabre’s comprehensive suite of solutions,  including Sabre Schedule Manager, Sabre Slot Manager, Sabre Profit Manager, and Sabre  Market Intelligence – Global Demand Data (GDD) to achieve its strategic goals and drive its  vision.

“Sabre’s technology provides a new level of insight that will enable Riyadh Air to make informed  network planning and commercial decisions, ensuring greater revenue returns, allowing us to  invest more in enhancing the overall passenger experience,” said Vincent Coste, Chief  Commercial Officer, Riyadh Air. “We have carefully selected a stable of world class technical  suppliers to power Riyadh Air towards its maiden flight in 2025, and this collaboration is a key  milestone in our journey to achieve operational excellence and scale our business efficiently.”

Sabre Schedule Manager is an industry-leading scheduling solution that increases aircraft  utilization by optimizing the schedule development process from planning to distribution, thereby  increasing revenue potential. This solution seamlessly integrates with a wide range of third-party  solutions and has globally assisted airlines in achieving incremental operating margins and  increases in productivity, while maintaining robust and operationally feasible schedules.

Sabre Slot Manager is another integral component of Sabre’s suite that automates the slot  process and efficiently manages an airline’s critical slot portfolio with improved asset utilization. It  stands out as the industry’s most comprehensive slot management solution used by airlines  operating with the most complex slot portfolios at some of the most severely capacity constrained  airports worldwide.

Sabre Profit Manager accurately forecasts demand and profitability with an average increase of  up to 2% in revenues. This empowers Riyadh Air to design profitable Network Plans and create  an optimal hub structure. Profit Manager incorporates the industry’s most robust partnership and  alliance modeling to pinpoint new revenue opportunities.

Sabre Market Intelligence – GDD connects Riyadh Air to robust market data and provides  advanced data analysis capabilities across multiple areas, including Network Planning and  Optimization. It improves data efficiency, enabling Riyadh Air to identify new revenue  opportunities and increases competitive advantage with robust booking, shopping and market  data analysis for commercial planning teams.

This strategic alliance between Riyadh Air and Sabre signifies a commitment to leveraging  cutting-edge technology for sustainable growth, improved efficiency, and enhanced profitability.

“Sabre has a strong reputation for driving results through our innovative solutions that enable  airlines to respond swiftly to competitor changes, identify new market opportunities, and optimize  flight times for incremental revenue gains,” said Garry Wiseman, Chief Product and Technology  Officer, Sabre Travel Solutions. “Our end-to-end Network Planning and Optimization suite has  been a cornerstone of commercial planning for over two decades, supporting brand differentiation  and operational excellence.”

Sabre’s Network Planning and Optimization solutions have a proven track record of innovating  and transforming commercial planning, with more than 90 global customers, including prominent  airlines around the world. The suite addresses the end-to-end planning and scheduling lifecycle,  supporting airlines of all types and sizes.





The post Riyadh Air elevates planning efficiency through strategic partnership with Sabre  appeared first on Brand TD.

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