Single parent focus

Single parent focus

A COLLECTION of tours tailored for solo parents & their children have been unveiled by adventure travel company, Intrepid Travel.

The six trips have been designed for what Intrepid refers to as the “forgotten demographic” of single parent families, which accounts for 15% of Aussie families.

Intrepid’s brand manager of family adventures Dyan McKie said most family holiday packages are advertised for two adults and two children.

“In many ways this assumption is archaic and doesn’t reflect today’s families,” McKie said, adding that “solo parents have been ignored for too long”.

He said that 16% of Intrepid’s existing family holiday bookings were single parents and their kids, and there’s been increased demand from solo parents.

New tours to destinations that are easier for solo parents, “who otherwise may feel intimidated to travel to…alone with their children”, include locations such as Costa Rica, Thailand, Northern India, Egypt, Vietnam & Morocco.

For info on Intrepid’s solo parent & family trips in 2018, CLICK HERE.

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