Technology Is Liberating Creative Chefs To Develop New, Sensory Menus

Technology Is Liberating Creative Chefs To Develop New, Sensory Menus

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What is simmering in the kitchens of commercial establishments? It isn’t just the development of new recipes or the sampling of exotic ingredients; it’s the wave of technological innovation that is sweeping across the culinary landscape, reshaping how food is prepared, presented, and experienced.

The technological revolution in the kitchens of hotels, restaurants and catering services (HoReCa) is more than that of efficiency or environmental responsibility. It’s about empowering chefs to push the limits of their creativity, blending age-old traditions with innovative techniques to create dishes that are a feast for all the senses. In this new era, commercial kitchens are transforming into labs of innovation, where technology and tradition dance in harmony to create culinary masterpieces.


In this video, Chef Somsak Rarongkum, President of the Thailand Chef Association says that the market is growing because people are spending more on dining and Chefs are experimenting with international cuisines. He added that THAIFEX – HOREC Asia will expose industry insiders to the latest culinary trends and equipment.


Huge showcase of Kitchenware

To see one of the largest showcases of kitchenware brands that are redefining cooking with innovative precision instruments, look no further than THAIFEX – HOREC Asia, 6-8 March 2024 at IMPACT Muang Thong Thani, Thailand.

Looking for a hot fridge? See UNOX. For the first time, there’s a unique piece of equipment that preserves cooked food at service temperature for days. By using an innovative blend of precise temperature regulation and atmospheric control, the EVEREO® Hot Fridge ensures that food remains at its peak quality and temperature for days. UNOX also sells ovens that feature digital operating systems to let you control your equipment remotely and use Artificial Intelligence to apply feedback to cook every ingredient exactly the way you want henceforth.

In Southeast Asia, current demand for commercial kitchenware particularly derives from quick-service restaurants. Statista estimates the market is worth US$276.7 million.

And so if it seems like every fast food service restaurant, cafe or bar you go to has a Merry Chef oven, it’s because their ovens deliver food true to taste fast and efficiently. With the largest cavity and the smallest footprint of high speed ovens, Merry Chef ovens deliver ultra fast speeds, up to 80% faster than other cooking methods. Imagine getting a 16″ pizza in 90 seconds!

And then there’s prudence and cleanliness. Among the sleek counters and gleaming knives of modern kitchens, you’ll also find advanced technology like Hobart dishwashers, a symbol of sustainability and respect for resources. Their innovations are testament to the deep-rooted ethos of efficiency and environmental consciousness that has been growing among Chefs and Restauraters to bring about cleanliness without wasting precious water in the kitchen.

Smart dishwashers, like Winterhalter state-of-the-art cleaning solutions, can also adapt and optimize their functions based on the load, ensuring that every plate and utensil is sparkling clean, ready for the next serving of delicious food.


The THAIFEX – HOREC Asia Xperiential Zone lets you discover how equipment works. Talk to experts about how you can develop and modernise your kitchen.



At THAIFEX – HOREC Asia, visitors will discover how automation to transforming the lives of Chefs. For example, precise control over temperature and cooking duration means that Chefs can deliver consistent results. Consistency results in creative dishes can be replicated perfectly every time, which is crucial in professional culinary settings​​​​.

Equipment that can be controlled remotely and even with voice lets Chefs control the cooking process while free to do other things like exploring new cooking techniques, which leads to innovative dishes and unique flavour profiles​​​​.

You may also find a plethora of new, small and powerful gadgets like smart thermometers and scales, that enhance a Chef’s cooking experience by providing precise temperature control and ingredient measurements. They help advance the development of new techniques which result in the creation of visually stunning dishes with unique textures and forms, significantly enhancing the visual and tactile sensory experiences for diners​​.



At culinary schools like Lenôtre, students are trained in the latest equipment and techniques. As Chef Frederic Tual, Chef instructor at Lenôtre Culinary School in Bangkok Thailand, a THAIFEX – HOREC Asia Partner, says, “to make good food, you need to have good equipment”.

Healthy & Plant-based Cooking

Healthy and plant-based menus can easily be developed with up-to-date kitchen equipment.

At THAIFEX – HOREC Asia, there’s brands of Steam Ovens that help enhance and preserve colour, flavours, and nutrients, retaining moisture, colour, and nutrients better than traditional cooking methods. Steam Ovens minimise the need for calorific cooking oils and butter and are versatile for preparing a wide range of nutritious dishes, including grains and vegetables. Plus, they can bake foods without drying them out!

There are also advanced sous vide cookers that let flavours gently intensify in a vacuum-sealed environment, lending dishes depth and complexity​​​​.

Fusion & Global Flavours

Recent trends to integrating global flavours and fusion cuisine are facilitated by equipment that supports diverse cooking techniques. For example, multi-cookers that pressure cook, slow cook, or steam help chefs to experiment, merging different culinary traditions into innovative fusion cuisine​​.


In progressive kitchens, there’s a heightened emphasis on reducing carbon footprint.

Changing old equipment to state of the art equipment has benefits in terms of operating expense and for regulatory compliance.

Energy-efficient appliances and sustainable practices can reduce utility bills. Compliance with regulations can provide benefits such as tax incentives and rebates. Plus, consumers want to know the kitchen’s practices and show favour to those that demonstrate environmental responsibility.

THAIFEX – HOREC Asia exhibitors including Franke Foodservice Systems from the Philippines, Thai Steward Services, and Epta, industrial groups that offer services and commercial refrigeration, will demonstrate energy-efficient HoReCa solutions.

A push towards sustainability has also spurred innovation in the materials used in kitchen design, waste management systems, and cleaning systems. Many of the brands mentioned in this story are helping to change the way how water, food, and other resources are used, which will ensure their availability in the long term. Such resources are crucial for the ongoing viability of food service businesses. Furthermore, reducing the use of harmful chemicals in cleaning and maintenance enhances the health of workers and customers alike.

Food packaging that is clean, safe, and environmentally friendly is equally important. At THAIFEX- HOREC Asia, exhibitors such as Alterpacks and the Thai Paper Co offer environmentally friendly packaging products. Alterpacks even makes use of food waste!



In summary, by registering for THAIFEX – HOREC Asia, you’ll see that the contemporary kitchen equipment on exhibit not only augments the functional aspect of cooking but will significantly help boost a chef’s ability to innovate, experiment. Kitchenware helps Chefs provide an enriched sensory experience to diners. The latest kitchenware helps save on operational costs and better benefits the environment. As Chef Somsak Rarongkum, President of the Thailand Chef Association says, “it’s shaping the industry’s future.”

The post Technology Is Liberating Creative Chefs To Develop New, Sensory Menus appeared first on Brand TD.

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