These are the Top Countries for Wildlife Spotting

These are the Top Countries for Wildlife Spotting

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Wildlife photography is a favorite pastime for travelers around the globe. In fact, Go2Africa, leading African safari specialists, found that wildlife photography is one of the most requested activities on safari.

To help travelers find out the absolute best spots to photograph wildlife, Go2Africa conducted a study which analyzed almost 70 million photos on the photo-sharing platform Flickr. Using this data, they found out what percentage of a country’s photos featured their unique wildlife compared to the country’s total photographs.
Check out the table below to explore the top 10 ranking:
Ranking Country Continent Number of ‘Wildlife’ Photos Total Country Photos % of Photos Tagged ‘Wildlife’

1 Kenya Africa 120,814 584,013 20.69%
2 Canada North America 156,420 765,981 20.42%
3 Singapore Asia 117,702 613,338 19.19%
4 Australia Oceania 128,995 740,264 17.43%
5 Botswana Africa 53,789 325,453 16.53%
6 Tanzania Africa 87,492 547,356 15.98%
7 Lithuania Europe 57,882 369,049 15.68%
8 Namibia Africa 55,737 389,141 14.32%
9 India Asia 82,063 618,435 13.27%
10 South Africa Africa 56,674 466,056 12.16%

Of all the countries in the world, Kenya ranks as the best place for wildlife spotting. The country is biologically diverse with over 25,000 species of animal and 7,000 species of plants that have so far been recorded, along with at least 2,000 fungi and bacteria. Featuring animals photographers would only dream of capturing, along with the Big 5 which attracts thousands of tourists every year, the country is a powerhouse of wildlife.
Four more African countries appear in the top 10 cementing the diverse continent as a must-visit destination for keen wildlife photographers. Botswana has 16.53% of all photos representing its wildlife, Tanzania has 15.98%, Namibia has 14.31% and South Africa with 12.16%.
Canada comes in at second place as the best country to spot wildlife. 20.42% of all pictures taken in the country, accounting for over 150,000 images, are of its stunning wildlife from the fearsome grizzly bear to majestic wild elk. Canada is a richly biodiverse country with over 80,000 classified species and 20 major ecosystems including tundra, boreal forest, grassland, and temperate deciduous forest, giving photographers plenty of opportunities to capture its sometimes elusive inhabitants.
Singapore comes in third place with 19.19% of photos capturing the country’s unique wildlife, making up 117,702 photos in total. Although Singapore is a relatively small country mainly dominated by its widespread metropolis, it’s botanic gardens, wetlands and surrounding islands are all teeming with life. Emma Hill, an African Safari Expert who specializes in Kenya safaris recommends Kenya as one of the top locations for wildlife photography:
“I’ve consistently found joy in promoting Kenya as a preferred destination for my travelers as it holds incredible rewards for avid wildlife enthusiasts and passionate amateur photographers. While the rainy season poses its challenges, the vibrant colors that emerge in the Open Savannah of the Masai Mara, particularly in the fantastic private concessions surrounding this popular National Park, are truly awe-inspiring. The same can be said for exploring the Acacia thickets and lush pockets of vegetation in the Northern part of Kenya, such as Ol Pejeta, Lewa, Mugie, Loisaba, and Samburu.
“These diverse locations offer unique wildlife sightings and settings, an experience further enhanced if you can include the cost of a private vehicle for game viewing. Opting for travel between November and March, or even in June, not only ensures the best photography conditions but may also present opportunities for special deals or lower rates.”

The post These are the Top Countries for Wildlife Spotting appeared first on Brand TD.

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