TUI signs the ‘Safer Tourism Pledge’ in commitment to traveller safety 

TUI signs the ‘Safer Tourism Pledge’ in commitment to traveller safety 

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Independent charity, the Safer Tourism Foundation today announced that TUI Group has signed up to the Safer Tourism Pledge, further cementing the travel company’s commitment to customer safety.  

The Safer Tourism Pledge is a set of commitments, developed in partnership with the travel industry, articulating a stringent approach to traveller risk, health and safety. It was created to recognise and identify those businesses that not only have excellent safety systems and protocols in place, but also put collaboration ahead of competition when it comes to customer safety. Safer Tourism reviews the safety management systems of companies wishing to sign up to the Pledge, and Pledge companies in turn agree to adhere to the Safer Tourism Pledge’s six commitments:

  1. Share Safer Tourism’s mission – Pledge partners fully support the Safer Tourism Foundation’s mission to save lives and reduce preventable injury and harm to travellers while on holiday
  2. Safety excellence – Pledge partners will do all they can, within reason, to keep travellers safe and well when travelling and demand the same high standards of those who work with them
  3. Advise and inform – Safer Tourism Pledge partners provide travellers with practical advice and information to help them take responsibility for their own safety and wellbeing while travelling
  4. Highly responsive – Pledge partners want to hear about genuine concerns travellers have for their safety so that issues can be resolved quicky and problems addressed and fixed
  5. Sharing data and best practices – Safer Tourism Pledge partners commit to working collaboratively and sharing travel safety knowledge, for the benefit of everyone who travels
  6. Influence for improvement – Pledge partners work with providers around the world and commit to leveraging their influence to improve health and safety standards wherever they operate

Marc Jordan, Director of Security, Health & Safety, Crisis and BCM at TUI said, “Our customers are at the heart of everything we do at TUI and this starts with their safety. The Safer Tourism Pledge partnership further cements our drive for improvement in the safety culture across the industry.

“Everyone at TUI continues to lead the way in the safety and security for all travellers so they can enjoy their well-deserved holidays.”

Safer Tourism Foundation’s CEO, Katherine Atkinson said, “We are absolutely delighted that TUI has signed up as a Safer Tourism Pledge partner. TUI have been great collaborators since the charity’s inception, sharing their anonymised travel safety incident data with us and participating in many of Safer Tourism’s workshops over the years.  TUI was a key member of the group of travel companies which helped to develop and shape the Pledge, ensuring that the Pledge commitments accurately reflect excellence in travel safety systems, whilst recognising travellers’ responsibility for their own safety. So we’re delighted to have them on board as official Safer Tourism Pledge partners, collaborating with us and with other travel companies to help keep all travellers safe.”

The announcement comes on the heels of Safer Tourism Foundation’s recent rebrand, with a new logo, branding and website. The new branding also includes the Safer Tourism Badge, allowing travellers to easily identify and recognise those travel businesses that have signed up to the Safer Tourism Pledge.

The badge reflects a travel brand’s commitment both to customer safety as part of broader ESG goals, and acts as a reminder to travellers about their own personal responsibility in staying safe.








The post TUI signs the ‘Safer Tourism Pledge’ in commitment to traveller safety  appeared first on Brand TD.

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