Türkiye closes 2023 with record-breaking tourism figures

Türkiye closes 2023 with record-breaking tourism figures

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Türkiye, one of the world’s leading tourism destinations, continued its successful growth and welcomed 56.7 million international visitors in 2023, with a 10% increase year-on-year. As announced by the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the country’s tourism income rose 17% year-on-year to $54.3 billion, and the average expenditure per night for overnight visitors reached $99. The number of international visitors and the tourism income are announced as the country’s record-breaking figures.

Record-breaking tourism demand
Türkiye, among Europe’s most preferred destinations for culture, art, gastronomy, cycling, and religious tourism, in addition to sea, sand, and sun holidays, experienced a record-breaking year in 2023. The country is set to build upon its success, aiming to attract 60 million tourists and generate $60 billion in tourism income by 2024. Prioritising market diversity within its tourism strategies, Türkiye will continue its activities in current strategic markets while focusing on new target markets in 2024.

The First Country to Sign the Sustainability Protocol
Behind Türkiye’s tourism success lies a strategic and forward-thinking policy committed to creating an inviting environment for visitors. The country transformed the tourism sector into a more resilient and inclusive structure with responsible and sustainable policies. Türkiye became the first country in the world to reach an agreement with the “Global Sustainable Tourism Council” (GSTC) at a government level in 2022 and to implement it as a sectoral requirement. The Türkiye Sustainable Tourism Program, resulting from a signed cooperation agreement with the GSTC, rewards the actual practitioners of sustainable tourism and builds trust and credibility among visitors. With this program, Türkiye ensures diverse, sustainable experiences, including eco-friendly accommodations, cycling, and trekking, all aimed at fostering a deeper connection between the country’s heritage and the people who uphold it.

Türkiye: A Year-Round, Versatile Destination
Renowned for its unique geographical location, surrounded by azure seas on three sides, and historical richness, Türkiye stands out as a year-round, versatile travel paradise. The country, taking bold steps to showcase its tourism assets to the world, attracts significant attention from visitors with its extraordinary product diversity, including marvellous city escapes, sports activities, international events, and festivals. However, Türkiye’s tourism offerings are not limited to its popular destinations.

The country’s allure extends beyond its well-known landmarks, encompassing hidden gems like archaeological marvels. Türkiye, committed to preserving these archaeological gems to ensure the sustainability of cultural heritage, carries out numerous archaeological excavation and restoration projects. As a pioneer in this field, Türkiye increased its archaeological projects to 720 in 2023. The projects are expected to reach 750 in 2024, solidifying Türkiye’s leadership in preserving cultural heritage. Moreover, the country enchants visitors by illuminating its popular archaeological sites for night visits, transforming these historical treasures into breathtaking spectacles under the evening sky.

These sites, like Ephesus in İzmir, Hierapolis in Denizli, Patara and Side in Antalya, not only showcase Türkiye’s historical heritage but also provide a unique opportunity to visitors for a more intimate and magical connection with the country’s rich cultural heritage.

The post Türkiye closes 2023 with record-breaking tourism figures appeared first on Brand TD.

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