Window Seat 01 Feb 18

Window Seat 01 Feb 18

GOOD news for holidaymakers in New Zealand – you will never again be caught short of bubbly, no matter where you are.

A new world first service has launched this week, with Champagne House Bollinger teaming up with helicopter charter service Heletranz to deliver top shelf plonk right across the country.

Upmarket clientele can access emergency supplies of Bolly no matter where they are, from so-called Billionaire’s Bay on Waiheke Island right through to the Coromandel Peninsula.

“New Zealand has an impressive number of high net worth individuals tucked away in its glorious paradisal spots,” said Heletranz’s Sofia Ambler.

She said with many luxury accommodation sites located remotely to offer ultimate privacy for VIP guests, “it makes sense for us to offer the missing service of helicopter-delivered top shelf Champagne”.

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