Window Seat 06 Sep 17

Window Seat 06 Sep 17

CHINESE travellers might be taking to the air in record numbers, but few have had the sort of adventure experienced by farmer Yin Yanlei this week.

The 29-year-old from the north-east province of Jilin was rescued by police on Mon after flying 50km in a hydrogen balloon he had been using to harvest pine cones.

The Hong Kong Free Press reports Yin had purchased the balloon online for $3,800 and had been on board with his brother when a strong gust of wind took them away.

The pair’s mother had been holding a rope and was lifted off the ground, breaking her leg as she fell back to earth.

Though the brother jumped to safety, Yin was left trapped.

He used his phone to record a video message to his wife before puncturing the balloon to release its hydrogen, allowing it to drift safely down to a waiting team of rescuers.

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