Window Seat 08 Nov 17

Window Seat 08 Nov 17

CONCERNED about identity theft? The culprit may be very close to home, at least according to a British man who thought his Paypal account may have been hacked.

It turns out the offender was in fact his nine-year-old daughter, who booked herself a “dream holiday to Disneyland” by guessing his password.

Susan Wilson pinched her dad’s phone while he was asleep and used it to book travel arrangements in France worth more than 1,000 (A$1700) including flights, a VIP tour of the Eiffel Tower and tickets on the Disneyland Express train along with park entry.

Her father Ian only noticed something was awry three days later when he spotted money missing from his account.

The child claimed ignorance, saying she had “just been mucking around” on the phone.

Initially Paypal refused to provide a refund, but eventually returned the money as a gesture of goodwill, describing the incident as “friendly fraud”.

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