Window Seat 13 Nov 17

Window Seat 13 Nov 17

THERE’S no doubting the commitment of The Lido Group to satisfying customer needs.

The specialist hotel booking and payments provider recently came up with an entirely new method of hotel settlement.

A particular university client of Lido had requested an urgent booking of a specific small guest house in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Lido’s Darren Lee reached out to the property to organise the booking – and was presented with a curly problem after ascertaining by phone that there was a strict policy not to accept most forms of conventional payment – including no credit or debit cards or bank transfer.

“Cash only,” was the mantra, making things somewhat difficult for Lido.

However the inventive Darren realised the property was actually just around the corner from where his father lives in the Cambodian capital.

Problem solved! A quick call to Dad had him organised to drop the cash in and collect the invoice for Lido.

Lido ceo Steve Mackenzie assured TD that Darren will be fully reimbursed.

“But we’re not sure his dad will ever see the money again,” he added.

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