Who We Are?

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What We Do?

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Kshitindra Mohan Sen, the originator of the Sen Family business, had started out with his innovative business ventures at 1954 alongside the family profession of cultivation of acres of inherited agricultural land. But his sudden demise on 1967 and the Independence War of Bangladesh in 1971 put the family of Sen’s in a troublesome situation.

But keeping the dream of Kshitindra Mohan Sen, in 1972, his sons Mr. Ramesh Chandra Sen and Mr. Paresh Chandra Sen rejuvenated their family business immediately after the liberation war. Starting with a rice mill, the family later ventured into flour mill, Jute Supply business to the domestic government, government-owned and private jute mills, transport business and also involved in the construction business which included contracts on behalf of government entities like Bangladesh Water Development Board, Local Govt. Engineering Department, Department of Public Health, etc.

The family business went through phases of changes over the course of approximately 60 years. What was once just an equity-only, family-based and family-run business with the experience-based leadership is now at the turn of becoming a bigger, larger group of companies ready to take on the world full of business opportunities. The new generations of Sens are open to all the opportunities of the modern world and are ready to take the next steps to venture into this modern world. The rich heritage of this 60-year old company, along with the business acumen of the new generation of Sen Family is ready to take the family business to a new dimension.


Apart from the extremely successful and traditional family businesses, the Sen family at this point owns four different lines of businesses under four registered company names:

Sl. Name of Company Line of Business
1 Parul Trade International Jute Export and related business
2 Sen & Son Limited Jute Business, RMG, API, Agro products and Steel Coils/Sheets
3 Parul Limited Chemical and medicinal drugs business
4 Partha Sarathi Sen Paddy, Rice, Fertilizer and pesticides
5 Nardo Tourism Travel Agency

Although the age of the abovementioned registered companies is between 2.5- 3 years, the family business has a long and rich heritage. The Sen Family business has been continuing under the “Hindu Joint Family” business model since the year 1956. These four registered companies are the first step towards converting the family-owned business into a large corporate name.

These four businesses are mainly operating in the trading and manufacturing sector. As part of the trading business, the companies trade in commodities like Paddy, Rice, Jute, Wheat, Fertilizer, Pesticides etc.

Under the Manufacturing business line, we produce Paddy, Rice, Jute, Wheat, sawdust, Ash, Brick mill etc.

The family has got the plan for involving in construction, manufacturing, transport and Information Technology business sector in near future.


The Sen Family has planned to get into several other ventures and expand some of its existing ventures in future. The potential are of interest are:
Construction Business

  • Jute Mill
  • Flour Mill
  • Transportation Business
  • Hotel and Tourism Business
  • Information and Technology Sector
  • Chemical and Administered Drug Sector
  • Ready-made Garments sector