Must Pack Accessories When Traveling With Infants and Toddlers

Must Pack Accessories When Traveling With Infants and Toddlers

Traveling with an infant can be frustrating if you aren’t properly prepared. There just seems like there is so much to pack, and it can be hard to determine what to bring and what to leave behind. To make your life a little easier, we’ve put together this handy list of our must-pack products to making travel with baby a breeze and not a storm.

1.  Ella’s Kitchen

For snacks on the road, check out Ella’s. The company uses only USDA certified organic fruit and veggie ingredients with no added refined sugar or salt, making them healthy small bites for your wee one. We love Ella’s Kitchen Smoothie Fruits, which are served in resealable pouches and come in two flavors, both of which are packed with fruit and made with just 5 organic ingredients. Ella’s Kitchen Fruit & Veggie Combos are another choice served in a pouch. They come in 9 unique fruit and veggie flavor combos like Apples, Carrots, Prunes & Butternut Squash and Apples, Green Beans & Raisins. For slightly older toddlers, try Ella’s Kitchen Nibbly Fingers, which come in individually wrapped bars so your little one can enjoy on the go. Nibbly Fingers come in three flavors: Bananas & Raisins, Apples & Strawberries and Mangos & Carrots.

2. Earth’s Best

Another great product to pack to keep your infant nourished when traveling is from Earth’s Best. The Earth’s Best Whole Grain Infant Cereals come in five different iron enriched flavors that are easy to digest, while the Earth’s Best Infant Puree Pouches come in some 28 different flavors and are perfect for exploring new flavor combinations if your child is a bit of an adventurous eater. The pouches are squeezable and resealable and don’t contain artificial flavors or colors. The company also does Baby Food Jars that easy to pack and designed in three stages: infants 4 months and up, six months and up and for nine months.   

3. Nurture Life

Another option for keeping your little one fed nutritiously while traveling is to use a delivery service for meals. Nurture Life will ship fresh and healthy meals directly to your hotel when you’re on vacation; and also to your residence when you are back home. We love this company for meal delivery because they focus solely on children between the ages of 6 months and 18 years and design their organic, ready-to-eat meals especially with their nutritional needs and tastes in mind. Nurture Life offers a number of different flexible subscription plans, including weekly options. Menus rotate weekly and feature seasonal choices as well as classic kiddie favorites.

4. DockATot Design Collections

Founded by mompreneur Lisa Furuland, and loved by celebrity moms from Kim Kardashian to Molly Sims and Haylie Duff, DockATot is a must-have accessory when traveling (and at home). The company’s new Fairytale Design Collections (which come in Stone, Floral and Nature) is the ultimate marriage of functionality and style; letting your little one comfortably relax, play and sleep on a trendy mattress done up in lush greens, beautiful roses and classic marble. We love traveling with DockATot because it has an innovative design that keeps baby safely contained at all times and also assists in preventing flat head syndrome when baby is not doing tummy time.

5. BlueSmart mia

If you’re worried about losing track of how much your baby has eaten when you’re traveling, then pack theBlueSmart mia. Made from a silicone sleeve that slips onto the bottom of a bottle and uses Wi-Fi to connect to an accompanying app that tracks how much your baby has eaten. The device and corresponding app can also remind you when to feed and will let you know if the milk in the bottle is too hot or if it’s expired among other cool tech perks.  

6.  Finn + Emma Toys

For entertainment, we like Finn + Emma for easy to pack toys that keep our baby happy. The company uses only 100% organic cotton, eco-friendly dyes and all natural, untreated Indian wood in its products, which are fun and modern. They do a number of different rattles, including our favorite, The Rattle Buddy, which is made in Peru with fair trade labor and comes in a variety of named animal shapes like Frederick the Viking Bear and Daisy the Zebra. The Rattle Buddy also comes in a mini version, known as the Mini Rattle, which is perfect for the youngest infants. When your child is starting to teethe, then check out the Wood Rattle Teether. It’s made from Indian hardwood, finished with natural vegetable seed wax and filled with Indian cooking beans that make the noise. It’s also perfectly safe to bite into. Other products we like for tots include Pacifier Holders to keep your little one’s binky from getting lost and animal shaped stroller toys to keep them entertained when sightseeing.

7. Babiators
Launched in 2011, Babiators makes stylish aviator sunglasses for infants that are perfect for your next trip. These sunglasses are more than trendy, however. They’re also important for protecting your little one’s eyes from harmful UV rays. Children are actually more susceptible to sun damage than adults due to the size of their pupils and the clearness of their lenses, yet many kids don’t wear protective eye wear. Babiators solves this problem with lots of style and protection.  

8. Squeasy Gear

We just love Squeasy Gear for travel feeding. They sell versatile reusable food pouches like the Squeasy Snacker that boasts a removable insert that keeps more liquidy or pureed food, juice or water from spilling out while flowing freely into your baby’s mouth. It’s easy to fill, easy for infant to eat and perhaps best of all, easy for parents to clean afterwards. It also comes in a few different sizes, starting at 3.5oz and going up to 6oz, as well as some vibrant colors.

9. Baba Sling

For carrying baby while sightseeing, check out Baba Slings. This trendy sling is super flexible, easy-to-use and also very versatile offering five different carrying position options for your child. We love how the sling comfortably swaddles infants in its cotton hammock seat. And also how it has been specifically designed to help with healthy hip and spine development in your child — simply rotate through the different carry positions.

10. Miracle Sleeper

Featuring a zip front, snap top and reinforced seams, the Miracle Sleeper is another travel must have if you are in the process of transitioning your infant swaddle to sleeper. The wearable blanket comes in four sizes and a number of different colors, and is designed to work with children up to 24 months of age. We love the scoop neck that keeps the blanket away from your little one’s chin to avoid triggering the rooting response.

11. mifold Booster Seat

If your child is old enough to sit up in restaurants then you’ll want to pack the the mifold booster seat. It is some 10 times smaller than a normal booster seat, making it really easy to travel with, but was still designed to keep your little one safely restrained with a belt, although it is less bulky than traditional booster seat varieties.

12. Clipa

One of the biggest challenges when traveling with little ones is keeping stuff together, which is where Clipa becomes a lifesaver. It can hold up to 33lbs of bag weight and is designed to last a decade. Its perfect for clipping diaper bags to changing stations or strollers and anytime you just want to keep your bag off the ground.

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