Sabre and Mastercard join the Travalyst coalition 

Sabre and Mastercard join the Travalyst coalition 

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Sabre Corporation and Mastercard join other leading travel and technology  brands in the Travalyst coalition including Amadeus,, Expedia Group, Google,  Skyscanner, Travelport, Group, Tripadvisor and Visa. The group, which represents a  combined market cap of almost $3tn, aims to bring sustainability information to the mainstream  to help people make better travel choices. The addition of Mastercard and Sabre will help accelerate  that ambition.

Brad West, Head of Partnerships, Travalyst said, “The addition of Mastercard and Sabre aligns with  our partnerships strategy and adds further scale to our mission. Bringing a payments technology  leader on board, as well as enhancing our presence among key technology providers to the travel  industry, means we are strategically poised to deliver on our mission to mainstream sustainability  information within the travel industry to help drive change.”

“At Mastercard, we envision a world where each swipe, click or tap provides businesses and  consumers with the opportunity to make more sustainable choices,” said Chad Wallace, global  head of Commercial Solutions, Mastercard. “By joining the Travalyst coalition, we can further  activate the power of our global network, insights and technologies to empower travelers to better  understand the environmental impact of their business and leisure trips.”

Kristin Hays, Chief Communications and Sustainability Officer, Sabre said, “We’re committed to  taking on the biggest opportunities and solving the most complex challenges in travel, so we’re  thrilled to be joining forces with Travalyst and our peers in the industry to help drive more  sustainable travel decisions.”

Consumers want to travel more sustainably¹ and sustainability is a top priority for the corporate  travel industry² as well. Travalyst works to deliver clear, consistent and credible sustainability  information, at scale, to enable people to make better travel choices. For example, the same flight  emissions estimates are now available across the majority of Travalyst’s partner platforms. The  lower-emitting flight is flagged which empowers the person booking travel to select a flight with  lower-than-average emissions, reducing the impact of their trip.

Providing consistent sustainability information is key to driving travelers’ trust. Striving to transform  the travel industry into a more sustainable one, by providing people with sustainability information,  is a shared journey and both Mastercard and Sabre are fully aligned.



The post Sabre and Mastercard join the Travalyst coalition  appeared first on Brand TD.

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