AFTA update 10 Oct 17

AFTA update 10 Oct 17

FROM AFTA’s chief executive, Jayson Westbury

As THE twists and turns of Canberra seem never to surprise anymore, news of the resignation of long time Senator Nick Xenophon did catch many off guard. With the outcome of the high court matter of the current seven members of parliament including the Deputy Prime Minister looming – which relates to the issue of dual national status – Mr Xenophon has made the bold decision that he can do more for the country sitting it the South Australian parliament as a member of the “SA-BEST” party. So he tells us all that he will resign once the outcome of the high court is known and then contest the SA state election which is to be held in March 2018. All very interesting.

Meanwhile the Australian Senate, which resembles a Sunday Market stall at the local public school, will wait to see the outcome of the court case and then I guess we will find out who takes on Mr Xenophon’s seat and potentially all the others depending on which way the good Justices roll when they hand down their decision. The NXT party, which is the Nick Xenophon Team (NXT), will have to replace him, that is Nick. I wonder if that means they replace the name as Mr Xenophon will not be in the team anymore, he will be busy causing all sort of havoc in the South Australian parliament, or at least that is what he is hoping for.

It’s crazy really that elected members and senators can move about and change things around to suit themselves even when the Australian people have elected them to represent them for a term. With only 16 more valid days of both houses sitting before they rise for the Christmas break, you would have to wonder how much of anything can actually get done by this parliament this year. We are 10 weeks to Christmas which represents 70 working days if you apply a Monday — Friday approach to that count and with six members of parliament unsure if they can legally be members, senators already resigning without indicating who will be replacing them, I am glad that the travel and tourism industry does not have a great deal of important legislation to get passed this year, as I fear the chances are grim. I am going to just be positive and think happy thoughts that it will all be OK in 2018 and we can get on with moving this country in the right direction on the right issues. Let’s wait and see.

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