Amadeus NDC tick

Amadeus NDC tick

AMADEUS has been given level three New Distribution Capability (NDC) certification as an aggregator, in addition to its existing NDC accreditation as an IT provider.

The approval has been granted by IATA and makes Amadeus one of the first providers to have dual level 3 certifications.

Amadeus is linking airlines and retailers through its NDC-X program, which it says is in “full execution mode”.

“We’re making great progress on our mission to enable our airline customers to make their new NDC content available to our global travel sellers network – at scale,” said Amadeus NDC-X vice president Gianni Pisanello.

The latest certification has been achieved through work with online travel agency Travix, which joined the program this year.

IATA NDC program director Yanik Hoyles said Amadeus was driving the “industrialisation” of NDC.

Source: traveldaily