Collette Australian surge

Collette Australian surge

AUSTRALIA is Collette Vacations’ fastest growing market, with the company continuing to make inroads into the industry just three years after establishing its operations down under.

Collette is celebrating its centenary in Providence, Rhode Island, where Christian Liebl-Cote, Collette’s senior vice president of global business, told TD today the company as a whole had seen double-digit growth this year – on top of a strong result in 2017 which he said was a “fantastic year for touring”.

He confirmed Collette planned to establish an office across the Tasman, saying “New Zealand is going to happen, but we’re taking our time with Australia first”.

Collette’s Sydney call centre is part of the company’s global 24/7 coverage, with local consultants servicing US enquiries and those in Providence also looking after Australian calls after hours.

Liebl-Cote said there was continuing innovation in Collette’s product range, including the relaunch of its small-group “Explorations” range which has a 19-pax maximum per tour.

He said the company was expecting significant growth from the new offering, alongside its existing range of classic, spotlight, river cruising & faith-based tours.

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Source: traveldaily