DL flags free wi-fi

DL flags free wi-fi

DELTA Air Lines CEO Ed Bastian has envisioned the technology-driven future of flight in a keynote address at the massive Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

One key opportunity is the availability of fast, free internet access in the air, but Bastian said this was still some way off.

“Wi-fi should be free on all flights…I’m confident we will reach that goal within the next couple of years at speeds as fast as on the ground,” he said.

Other potential tech rollouts by DL include more detailed boarding alerts, multi-lingual airport status screens, the ability to start an in-flight movie en route to the airport and then continue it on the plane, and biometric passenger identification.

Bastian said the initiatives were all aimed at making sure “travelling isn’t something that stresses you, but something that delights you”.

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