Hobart travel agent to be sentenced

Hobart travel agent to be sentenced

THE long-running court case in which Hobart travel agent Lee-Anne Levett was accused of “hacking” into the Tramada login of rival Andrew Jones Travel is expected to be resolved later this month, with the Tasmanian Supreme Court Acting Justice David Porter last Fri saying he now has the “factual basis needed to sentence the accused”.

The case (TD 04 Oct 2013, TD 28 Jun 2017, TD 21 Aug 2017) has come before the court more than 45 times, with a final sentencing hearing scheduled for 24 Nov.

Levett, who formerly owned The Travel Studio, has admitted to 48 counts of using the Tramada username and password of a former staff member who had moved to Andrew Jones Travel, in order to access information relating to a University of Tasmania travel tender which was jointly awarded to both agencies.

There has been “significant legal argument” about Levett’s motivation for obtaining the confidential information, according to the Hobart Mercury.

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