It’s all in the name

It’s all in the name

A Canadian travel agency has been ordered to repay more than $1,000 to a family who was left stranded overseas because of a spelling mistake on a flight ticket.

The issue centred on the spelling of the middle name of a young baby that was being taken to visit relatives in late 2017.

Arman Aria arranged the flights for his wife and son to fly from Vancouver to Tehran, with the return ticket scheduled for 01 Dec – two days before his son’s first birthday, meaning he could fly at no cost on an infant ticket.

The outbound sector with Lufthansa went smoothly, but on return the mother was denied boarding on a British Airways flight because of the misspelling of the son’s middle name.

The mess took a few days to sort out – by which time the child had turned one – so the family had to purchase an additional ticket to get him home.

Source: traveldaily