Lux Escapes grows fast

Lux Escapes grows fast

LUXURY Escapes has “fast-tracked” its way to over $300m in top-line revenue in about 4.5 years of operation, making it “Australia’s fastest growing company under five years old,” gm Blake Hutchison told TD.

Speaking at an event in Sydney last night celebrating the launch of season three of the TV show Luxury Escapes: The World’s Best Holidays, Hutchison said this year over 400,000 Australians would take a holiday with the company.

He attributed the popularity of the company’s deals to the “overwhelming” amount of choice that consumers face.

“If you go to an OTA or you go in to a travel agent, there’s just an infinite number of hotels you could stay at,” he explained.

“What Luxury Escapes does is narrow it down to one hotel, gives that hotel a huge amount of marketing visibility and it takes that hotel to a customer base which has been essentially trained to respond to a Luxury Escapes offer.”

Hutchison said the company’s model worked to provide hotels profitable demand from a customer who was going to stay a little longer, due to Luxury Escapes only offering five- or seven-night stays.

Looking ahead, Hutchison said Luxury Escapes was working on its flights offering and growing its customer base in South East Asia (TD 24 Oct).

It is also ramping up its business development team to expand its destinations and allow customers to link up multiple escapes.

This month Luxury Escapes voluntarily withdrew from the AFTA Travel Accreditation Scheme (TD 02 Jul).

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Source: traveldaily