Millennials to travel more

Millennials to travel more

YOUNGER Australians are leading their older counterparts in making travel plans for the year ahead, according new research by Roy Morgan.

In its latest Holiday Travel Intention report, the research says almost 14 million Australians plan to take a holiday over the next year, with Millennials showing a stronger demand for travel than all other generations.

Just over 68% of Australians plan to travel this year, down 0.7 of a percentage point on 2016.

But 73.6% of Millennials are planning to travel, ahead of Gen X at 72.4% and boomers at 69.2%.

Despite stronger travel intent, Millennials are likely to take shorter holidays, the report says.

Sixty-five percent of Millennials plan a short holiday in the year ahead (1-2 nights), well above the average Australian of 56.4%.

For longer trips of three or more nights, Gen X (56.3%) and Babyboomers (55.9%) lead in making plans for the year ahead.

“While Babyboomers and Gen X can likely afford to take longer holidays…the more career focused Millennials are living life fast and looking for that quick getaway,” Roy Morgan ceo Michele Levine said.

“With over 90% of Australians intending to make their next short holiday a domestic one, tourism bodies will need to ensure that they can cater to Millennials who will make up a large portion of these domestic travellers,” she said.

Source: traveldaily