TD breaking news – Webjet forecasts TTV surge

TD breaking news – Webjet forecasts TTV surge

On track to deliver $3 billion in TTV and EBITDA earnings of $80 million by 30 June 2018. 

Webjet has just issued an investor update, predicting that its Total Transaction Value for the current financial year will soar by over 50% to $3 billion.

Earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation are predicted to increase from $51 million last year to $80 million in FY2018.

CEO John Gucsic also announced a restructure of the company’s B2B WebBeds management team, which will be reorganised into three geographic regions – WebBeds Europe, WebBeds Asia and WebBeds Middle East, Africa and the Americas – rather than by brand.

A new strategic WebBeds Global role has also been created to help identify and drive revenue synergies and cost efficiencies across the regions, Gucsic added.

“Being structured geographically ensures that we stay as close to our partners as possible and will enable us to deliver the most appropriate product offers and solutions for their individual geographic needs,” he said, adding that existing brands will continue to operate under the broader WebBeds umbrella to leverage existing brand loyalty.

“Ongoing industry consolidation provides us with significant growth opportunities and this structure will help ensure we are well positioned to identify and target those opportunities while also being able to focus on delivering revenue and cost efficiencies across the regions,” Gucsic added.

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