VA/VS c’share tick

VA/VS c’share tick

THE US Dept of Transportation has granted approval for Virgin Australia International Airlines and Virgin Atlantic Airways to engage in reciprocal codesharing operations for an indefinite time.

Authorisation enables Virgin Atlantic to display the VA code of Virgin Australia on current or future flights operated by VS between the UK and the USA, namely services on the London-Los Angeles route.

The green light also permits the VS code to be placed on Virgin Australia metal between Australia and the United States.

In their initial application to the DOT in late Dec, the carriers said approval would pave the way to “allow for future expansion”.

“Codesharing by Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Australia between the US & the UK and the US & Australia will make both carriers more competitive for transatlantic & transpacific traffic,” they said.

Australia’s International Air Services Commission is currently evaluating VA’s request to renew its codeshare deal with VS to the USA and to include the Australia-Hong Kong route (TD 02 Jan).

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