Visit USA kicks off expo in Bris

Visit USA kicks off expo in Bris

VISIT USA officially kicked off its annual round of Australian expos in Brisbane last night.

Darling of the celebrity gossip scene Richard Reid was on hand to handle the master of ceremonies role, proving himself to be a star attraction with agents and photographers.

Representatives from US tourism boards, airlines and attractions entertained over 200 travel agents on the night, regaling the crowd with all the best information on what America has to offer Aussies as an attractive holiday destination.

Many prizes were given away to share the yankee love in Brisbane, with the expo now moving on to Melbourne today and Sydney tomorrow night.

Visit USA members consist of airlines, wholesalers, tourism bureaux and destination marketing companies.

Pictured posing for the cameras are agents Margy Stimson (left) and Katrina Casey (right) from MTA – Mobile Travel Agents with Hollywood pundit Richard Reid.

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