Window Seat 07 Dec 17

Window Seat 07 Dec 17

WHEN you have to go, you just have to go.

That was the experience of a whole planeload of passengers on a Delta Air Lines flight in the US this week, when the aircraft had to be diverted for a group comfort break because the on-board toilets stopped working.

The DL service was operating from New York City to Seattle, but ended up having a stopover in Billings, Montana, because passengers just couldn’t hold it in any longer.

A statement from the carrier said upon landing the plane taxied to a cargo area because there was no available gate.

Ground crew rolled a stairway to the plane so those on board could “disembark to find relief of built-up pressures”.

Italians definitely have style – and the cabin crew on the country’s bankrupt flag carrier Alitalia are set to ramp it up with the launch of another round of new uniforms – just two years after the last fashion update.

Designer Alberta Ferretti is crafting the new look, with the floundering airline saying it “does not involve any financial disbursement by Alitalia”.

The carrier is keeping a promise by former Etihad ceo James Hogan, who said Alitalia should be the “sexiest airline in Europe”.

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