Window Seat 10 Oct 17

Window Seat 10 Oct 17

TRAVELLERS to the USA are still being advised to exercise normal safety precautions – despite a series of protests at the nation’s McDonald’s eateries due to a shortage of a special dipping sauce.

A McDonald’s promotion announced the release of the Szechuan sauce for McNuggets, which has reportedly led to “chaotic scenes” at outlets across America.

McDonald’s had warned that supplies of the sauce were “really, really limited,” but police were called to at least one store where people in queues became angry and started chanting “we want sauce”.

The Szechuan dipping sauce is featured in a popular science fiction cartoon called Rick and Morty and aficionados were desperate to get their hands on some of the condiment.

Such is the demand that some packets are currently listed on eBay for as much as US$600.

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