Window Seat 14 Nov 17

Window Seat 14 Nov 17

IT’S something usually found in somewhat implausible action movies – but tourists visiting a museum in Speyer, Germany can actually have the opportunity to walk on the wing of a Boeing 747 jet.

The Speyer Technical Museum was one of the shore excursions today for guests aboard Crystal Bach (see page four), with a huge array of aircraft on display including a jumbo formerly operated by Lufthansa (below).

Visitors can climb into the plane and out onto the wing, with a caged walkway to make the trip outside relatively safe – albeit somewhat scary.

A tour guide today quipped that it had been particularly difficult to land the LH 747 on the three-legged display platform, which sees the jet impressively suspended as though it is in flight high above the rest of the museum.

“We got that guy who landed his plane in the Hudson, Sully Sullenberg, to do it,” he said.

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