Accommodation Updates

Accommodation Updates

WELCOME to Accommodation Updates, Travel Daily’s Wed feature. If your property has undergone some recent changes you would like to make the industry aware of, send a brief description with an image to

Fairmont the Queen Elizabeth in Montreal has paid homage to John Lennon & Yoko Ono’s 1969 Bed-in for Peace protest by restoring the same 1742 suite to its original aesthetic. Designed by Sid Lee Architecture, the room incorporates art installations, historical pieces and interactive experiences.

A multimillion dollar refurbishment has just been completed at Hotel St Moritz, providing a spruced-up look for the hotel’s lobby, restaurant, and conference spaces. The renovations pay respect stylistically to Queenstown’s local fauna.

A unique light installation is the central feature of Fairmont St Andrew’s new multimillion dollar upgrade this month. The refurbished atrium features ‘Zephyr’, a striking lighting addition designed by London-based artist George Singer.

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