Adv W into Scandinavia

Adv W into Scandinavia

ADVENTURE World (AW) is gearing up to launch product in Scandinavia in the next six months, MD Neil Rodgers revealed to TD over the weekend at the Travel Associates 2019 Showcase.

“Every year we send out surveys to agents on where they would like us to go and that has come up overwhelmingly as our number one,” he said.

Rodgers said AW would provide its “in-depth” style of travel to Scandinavia, and the program would be “very much focussed on wildlife and wilderness and authentic adventures”.

Norway will be key to the launch, as well as Greenland and Iceland programs from Lindblad Expeditions.

AW is the Australian General Sales Agent for Lindblad Expeditions (TD 22 Jul 2016).

The company is also working on new product in the ‘Stans, Georgia, Armenia and into Russia, which Rodgers noted was also requested by travel agents.

AW is also seeing an increase in forward bookings, Rodgers said, as destinations extend their rates up to 24 months ahead of travel.

“We’re now booking 2021 for FIT,” he explained, adding “never before have we had to buy so far in advance”.

Rodgers told TD two distinct booking patterns have emerged within the economy-conscious traveller & the high-end traveller.

He said before the election, many travellers put off their plans, but after the result “the bookings just flowed in”.

“I think people are conscious of the economy and talks of a recession,” he added.

Meanwhile, the top end of town hasn’t been impacted.

“They just kept booking through, and if anything, they were spending more.”

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