TA’s high retention rate

TA’s high retention rate

TRAVEL Associates (TA) prides itself on employee engagement, with the network’s GM of Product & Marketing Anna Burgdorf telling Travel Daily the group had a high staff retention rate.

“It differs state by state and obviously there was a little bit of disruption as we rebranded our stores but it’s around 85%,” Burgdorf said at the Travel Associates 2019 Conference at the Gold Coast over the weekend.

“We don’t tend to lose advisors because they’re unhappy, but it might just be that they’re in a different stage of their life.”

Burgdorf said TA introduced a new wage model several months ago, “just to make sure that our people were really well remunerated, but also having the best access to growing their own portfolios, and that might be just the ability to work more flexibly, it might be the ability to be a village leader or to buy into a franchise store if that’s their dream,” she said.

“It was a pretty smooth process because we entered into it purely from the perspective that we want to retain our amazing people and so we wanted to make sure that they have financial security, that they’re really well looked after and that they feel appreciated and valued for the work that they do.”

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