More cruise cancellations likely

More cruise cancellations likely

YET another wave of cruise cancellations are expected in the coming days, after the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) extended its 30-day “No Sail” order for another 100 days.

The official order, which bans passenger cruise ship operations in US waters until mid-Jul, has formally found that “cruise ship travel exacerbates the global spread of COVID-19, and that the scope of this pandemic is inherently and necessarily a problem that is international and interstate in nature and has not been controlled sufficiently by the cruise ship industry or individual state or local health authorities”.

The CDC said if unrestricted cruising was allowed to resume, infected and exposed cruise ship cases would place healthcare workers at “substantial increased risk” as well as diverting medical resources away from people with other health issues.

The CDC order notes that there are currently 95 cruise ships off the US East, West and Gulf coasts with more than 80,000 crew on board.

More on the CDC order in today’s issue of Cruise Weekly.

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