Venture Far website refresh to inspire travel

Venture Far website refresh to inspire travel

WHOLESALER Venture Far has this week rolled out a new look platform designed to inspire travellers, the latest stage in a three-year, seven- step plan to overhaul the business.

Speaking with Travel Daily this week, Venture Far managing director Rob Mackay said the new look “B2ALL” platform was “more than just a website” and has been designed to entice travel, centred around travel experiences and engagement with the consumer.

Writers from around the globe have been enlisted to refresh the website’s content in order to hook consumer interest.

“The way the site has been constructed and the content that is delivered is completely new for Venture Far, and particularly from a wholesaler’s perspective.

“This is more experiential than we have ever been before,” Mackay said, adding Venture Far has “gone back to packaging”.

The platform is based around the ‘path to purchase’ model, whereby Venture Far is aiming to motivate the consumer to travel.

“We are actually putting our brand out there to inspire the consumer instead of waiting for them to flick through a brochure.

“We are following them on a journey as they think about a holiday and inspiring them to go out and book.”

And no, the website rejig is not a strategy taken by Venture Far to bypass agents for bookings.

Mackay said, “It’s no different to a travel agent giving a consumer a brochure. The consumer these days is doing their research online, so this is aimed at putting our product into their hands, who can then book via their agent”.

“It is not a bookable website for clients,” Mackay said, but there is a booking portal for agents.


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