Window Seat 10 Jan 18

Window Seat 10 Jan 18

TOURISM officials in Nevada are intent for other life-forms to return, developing a new holiday itinerary for extraterrestrials.

“Since your last visit to Area 51, we’ve missed you! The whole country has missed you, which is why the US Defence Department spent $22 million on a program to find you,” said TravelNevada in an invitation.

“Advanced, time-travelling species” are welcomed to visit Nevada’s “plethora of activities & attractions” on offer.

The three “solar day” vacation sets off from Las Vegas, visits the Valley of Fire State Park (for home sick martians), traverses the Extraterrestrial Highway and ET Highway, overnights in Tonopah (where aliens receive a 20% discount at the Mizpah with an intergalactic ID card), but cautions against venturing to Area 51 – “we’d hate for you to be detained again”.

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