Window Seat 01 Nov 17

Window Seat 01 Nov 17

THERE can’t be much better bragging rights than flying around the world on a private jet – but the ceo of a major US corporation has gone one better by using two of them.

In a classic case of corporate largesse, it’s been revealed that the ceo of General Electric has been travelling to some destinations with his Gulfstream being shadowed by an extra aircraft – just in case.

The company’s board was reportedly somewhat surprised to learn about the practice when it was revealed by the Wall Street Journal last week.

Apparently former chairman and ceo Jeff Immelt used the back-up plane on most trips up until mid-2014, but since then, due to some internal belt-tightening, its use had been limited to isolated situations such as travelling to high risk destinations.

A company spokesperson said the extra jet was only deployed on “business critical itineraries with tight schedules, multiple international stops and in most cases, security concerns”.

Inmelt’s successor, John Flannery, has since decided to ground the GE corporate aircraft fleet and force senior executives to instead fly on charter or (gasp!) commercial flights.

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